For a little while earlier this year, I was biking twice a week pretty consistently. Sometimes I would ride outside, and other times I would plop my bike on my very cheap, very dumb turbo trainer, and spin while reading emails. Then, as always happens when I try to do something ancillary to running, my motivation faded and I found myself only running again.

In a turn of events that nobody could have seen coming, however, I passed by my bike last week and found myself wanting to take it for a ride. I was as surprised as you were, believe me! I pushed down the urge and felt better about myself for a few days. Finally, about a week later I decided to give in and actually go for a short ride. As before, I find that there are a few things I enjoy about biking and some things that I don’t like.

Good things about biking:
1) Low-impact: saves wear and tear on legs and promotes recovery
2) Can cover great distances in a relatively short amount of time
3) The most efficient way for humans to travel
4) Pisses off drivers

Bad things about biking:
1) Hurts my neck, back, butt, knees, and arms
2) Takes too long to get ready (check tire air pressure, get air pump, spend 15 minutes looking for Presta valve adapter, curse as the adapter flies off across the garage, give up and end up riding on low tires)
3) Too dependent on gear and accessories (need a bike, helmet, sunglasses, entire luggage case full of repair supplies, bike shorts, special shoes, etc)
4) Too much risk of something breaking (flat tire, broken chain, broken derailleur, broken sit bones)

So, I guess it’s a wash.

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