What is RunTuff?

RunTuff is a coaching service dedicated to providing knowledgeable, experienced coaches to help you attain your best performances.

Custom Training Plans

A great way to kick start your training or knock out a new PR. Your RunTuff coach will work with you to help you reach your goals by writing a plan that fits your needs. We take into account your busy life and understand that not everybody can run two hours a day.

Highly Customisable

Every runner gets a plan that is built just for them based on a detailed questionnaire and feedback from a coach. 

Team Support

Get your questions answered by the RunTuff coaching team via email, text or phone. When you sign up for online coaching, we are never more than your phone away.


RunTuff understands everyone one has different goals and there are different ways to achieve those goals. RunTuff’s team is here to help you be the best runner you can be.

Why RunTuff

We have decades of experience racing, training and helping other reach their goals. We understand that not every runner in an Olympian, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t passionate about your training and your results.

It is Affordable

Customized 12 week plans start out for less than a pair of running shoes.

It is for you

Our training plans and online coaching are designed around your goals and your life.

It works

If you want to finish that first half marathon without walking or best your old high school PR’s we know how to get you to the finish line.

It is fun

We come from a background of racing and competing but have not forgotten that we do this because we love it, and you shouldn’t forget that either. We want to make sure the process of training is a worthwhile endeavour that keeps you running for a lifetime.


News and events and happenings, oh my!

Marathon Musings

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