In my last post, I mentioned that instead of shooting for personal bests, I am now trying to obtain as many Explorer Tiles as I can. I started out the year with 869 tiles, and a max square of 10×10. Since the pandemic started, my rate of progress has slowed, but I still have increased those to 994 tiles with a max square of 16×16!

My tiles in January
My tiles in June

As you can see, I have filled out all of the Ontario/Walworth area, plus almost all of Macedon, Henrietta, and Palmyra. Much of this is due to my amazing Roadkill Racing teammates, who were willing to drive out to the middle of nowhere for some long runs designed explicitly to give me as many tiles as possible. They are troopers!

Now that we are starting to be able to run in small groups again, I hope to resume my quest for the elusive 20×20 tile square. The only problem is that now I have to travel pretty far to get those tiles in Honeoye Falls, Farmington, and Manchester. But, as I am not traveling for races anytime soon, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make!

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