Over the past few years, I have tried various strength routines in an attempt to not only get stronger, but to become more injury-proof as well. I even have a strength training for distance runners plan that I have used in the past. But I find myself doing that less and less these days, and trying other plans.

Brad Stuhlberg’s Minimalist Strength Workout seems to be the best one so far. Now, pundits will claim there is no “best” strength workout, as each one should be tailored to one’s individual goals, ability, and conditions. I agree 100%. But, I also live by the adage that the best plan is the one you stick with. To that point, all the other plans I tried were too complicated, or took too much time to complete. Brad’s plan is quick, simple, and requires no specialized tools. It hits all the main muscle groups, and doesn’t require targeting different groups on different days.

I do change it up a little bit just to keep things interesting, but the changes are minor. For example, I might do squats in a power rack one day, then do lateral lunges another day, then do Bulgarian split squats another day. Each one has the same effect, but I’m not doing the same lifts day in and day out. I still find myself incredibly sore the few days after doing this, so I know its working!

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