I have not raced since the last Pete Glavin Cross Country race back in November. That race turned out to be around 4.5 miles over a rolling course covered in several inches of thick, chunky snow. Needless to say, it was not conducive to running fast. Since then, my training has been spotty, to put it mildly. With no real goals in mind, I have not had the motivation to run more than a few times a week. Plus, it seems like I have been sick almost this entire winter.

What this means is I am not looking to set any land speed records on Saturday’s race, the Running of the Green 5-miler. Historically, I have raced well here, logging my two fastest times of 27:16 and 27:17 at this race. I will be lucky, however, to break 30 minutes this year. And I’m OK with that. Part of the fun of my new lackadaisical training plan is seeing how fast I can go on minimal training. In other words, I know I can run in the low 27s by doing 80 mile weeks with lots of long intervals. What can I do now that I am running 30 miles per week with a few half-hearted workouts? The cool thing is I bet I can still run faster than I did in college, just based on the accumulated fitness that I have from years of training. So, we’ll see what happens on Saturday, and who knows? Maybe I will surprise myself.

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