Odd-numbered years are bad for me, apparently. Two years ago I suffered a bout of hamstring tendinopathy that sidelined me for almost the entire year. I was able to come back in 2016 and race a good marathon in December, but shortly thereafter hit another bump.

While running on the slippery sidewalks, I aggravated my hip flexor, which made running painful. Being mindful of how minor injuries can turn chronic, I prudently took a few days off, but my hip flexor was still sore when I tried running again. I took a few weeks off, but saw no improvement. Finally, I was starting to feel better, but a yoga class pissed off my tendon again.

After three more weeks of no running, I said screw it, and tried jogging two miles. While I was as sore the next day as after a marathon, my hip did feel mostly OK. I ran another 2 miles a few days later, and even though I swore I was dying, there was no pain.

So, 11 weeks after my supposed minor injury, I am just now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have lost all of my fitness from the past year, and my goal of breaking 16 minutes in the 5k is still on hold. But at least I am running again!

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