Several months ago, I was enjoying a cold beer with my friend Ryan Burke (no doubt at Barry’s Pub in Webster) when we happened upon an idea. We were discussing how I have coached myself since I graduated college (save for a short stint where I took the one and only Dave Rappleyea as my coach) and have offered training advice for Ryan, my wife, and others.

“Dude,” he said (or was it “Bro?”), “You should start a coaching service.” 
I thought about it. His idea made sense. I have devoured tons of books and articles related to training and coaching in my quest to improve myself, and I love the challenge and satisfaction of creating a perfect training plan. I helped Ryan run his debut marathon and he ended up running awesome, coming within a few minutes of qualifying for Boston. So I approached another friend, Josh Perks, and asked if he wanted to join me in my coaching venture. Josh is well known as the founder of Roadkill Racing, one of the fastest 40+ year olds in the area, and the creator of the training plans used by the team. He agreed, and we started Run Tuff, a coaching service for post-collegiate competitive runners.

I quickly took on a Roadkill Racing member who wanted to run her first marathon as a client, and she did awesome, completing the hilly Rochester Marathon like a seasoned veteran! Before I went public, however, I wanted to obtain some sort of credentials so I’m not just some schmuck telling people how they should train. With that in mind, I have registered for a USATF Level One coaching certification course in December.

So, if anyone out there is looking for advice on how to run a personal best, complete a new distance, or recapture their glory days, Run Tuff is for you! We offer personalized training plans written just for you and your goals, as well as generic plans and monthly one-on-one coaching. I’d like to think our prices are reasonable, and Roadkill Racing members receive a discount as well! Please visit the Run Tuff website for more information.

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Barbara Varga · October 15, 2015 at 6:12 am

That's an awesome plan. I wish you much success in your venture! Btw, I'm making something for Avery and it's taking me forever to get it done but will give it to your mother to bring with her once I finish it. I hope you, Ashley and Avery like it. Much love to all!

Lauryn Recchia · November 1, 2015 at 6:15 am

I will certainly be calling on Run Tuff to get me through my next marathon! Hopefully with a nice PR!

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