“I never thought I’d have the courage to sign up for a full marathon. I used to get done with a half and think there’s no way I could do that all over again in the same day. I mean, running a full 26.2 miles is longer than my commute to work! But that was then. Since that first half back in 2010 I’ve run several more so that the idea of running a full didn’t seem so insane after all. But with such a goal looming over me where was I to start? With the longer distance I now had to think about nutrition, hydration, longer longs, taper (what’s that?!), not to mention the time commitment! That’s where I was glad Matt was there to help put all of that into a simple to follow plan that was tailored to my current running fitness to get me happily (and healthily) to the finish. Through every week, mile, and blister Matt helped me stay focused on my plan and goals. (Even though that taper did NOT feel like a holiday!) He kept track of my progress weekly, and incorporated alterations to the plan as needed. In the end I nailed my 4.5 hour goal and earned my sticker. Now I’m proud to say that I can RunTuff!”

– Lauryn R.

“What could I possibly say about Matt Roberts and the value he added to my athletic career? I was ‘blessed’ with the natural ability and body type of a distance runner. I could always rely on my natural talent to pull me through training or a race. I was fortunate enough to run four years at the collegiate level and I was even the Runner of the Year my freshmen and senior campaigns. Despite the marginal success I achieved in my running career – something was missing. In the winter of 2012, I decided to train for and race my first Marathon. I had a vague idea of what would lie ahead with respect to Marathon training, but it was Matt who reminded me of the undivided attention, determination and motivation I would need to maintain if I wanted to run a successful debut Marathon. Matt was able to help me realize that running and, more specifically, racing are more than just the act itself. If I wanted to have success in the Marathon, I needed to remain focused on my goals. Matt remained in close contact with me throughout my entire training process and his guidance allowed me to reach new levels of consistency, mileage and a competitive drive that I had never experienced before in my running career. Many months later, when I crossed the finish line in 3:06.04, I knew that I wouldn’t have been able to run such a strong debut without the consistent and unparalleled direction of Coach Matt Roberts.”

– Ryan B

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