One Hundred Push-Up Challenge Revisited

Last January I took a shot at the challenge. I worked at it all winter and got so I could do lots of sets of 20-30 push-ups, but was never able to get near doing one set of one hundred. In July I started back doing the push-ups, this time changing the format. Instead of their formula of doing sets and  then finishing with a max set, I’m starting out doing a max set and then adding sets of 20-25.

Using the plan on the One Hundred Push-Up Challenge web site, the most I could ever do on the test was fifty. That fifty came after going through their plan two separate times. With my plan, I’m now able to start out with a set of 60 and then follow that with five sets of 25. My next goal is to get that first set up to 65 to match my age.

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