Ah, the retired life!

No alarm clock to get up to. Woke up about 8am. Leisurely couple of hours with some coffee, a light breakfast, check the computer for email and other info and wait for the temperature to go up a little. Around 10am head out for a nice easy five mile run. Back to the house to […]

Senior Moment, Oops – Senior Week

This little anecdote (is that redundant) revolves around me having hypertension. I've been on medication now for a few years and I've been very good at remembering to take it. About a week ago I added a new piece to my nightly regimen which was caused by holes in the sheets on my side of […]

There May Be Hope

I did something three days ago that I hadn't done since June 6. I put a running entry in my training log. It wasn't a long run – only 3.5 miles. That run was followed by a day off and then another run of 3.5 miles yesterday. If things work out, I'll try another run […]

Thomas D. Macrini Sports Hall of Fame

The Thomas D. Macrini Sports Hall of Fame is the Hall of Fame for the Wappingers Central School District. Athletes who are selected have to be out of school ten years before they can be nominated. Some athletes get in the first year they are eligible. Like  the hall of fame for pro sports, some […]

“You got something to say?”

Being a cyclist is all about defensive riding. You're on the road with all sorts of large, hard vehicles while equipped with only a helmet for protection. Any physical encounter with one of those vehicles is a no-win situation so it's all about being alert and expecting the people driving said vehicles to do something […]

Schooled by Wolf and Kitty

Tee times were tight today with the courses closing at noon because of the holiday party for all the Club employees. My friend and I ended up getting paired with a husband and wife couple. When I signed in, the desk told me we were paired with Wolf and Kitty. I made Kitty's acquaintance on […]

Return This Golf Ball

All golfers lose some golf balls. Bad golfers lose more golf balls. New golfers lose even more golf balls. Bad, new golfers lose the most golf balls. About a month ago I noticed I was running low on golf balls – AGAIN. What to do? I had seen a couple of ads for used balls […]

Pooh Sticks

It's been a wonderful holiday week in NY. Up until today it's been perfect weather. The funny thing is, even though today is overcast and damp, it's 15-degrees warmer here than back in North Carolina. I think the world is upside down. Of course, the best part of the trip is seeing the grandkids. The only […]


Until today I didn't know her name. I've seen her from a distance many times, late in the afternoon, oft times at almost twilight, walking the golf course with a fist full of clubs. Never being close enough to tell, for a long time  I wasn't sure if she was a man or a woman. […]


I've had some nasty colds in my life. I can't remember one as nasty as this one.