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Orson Welles, War of the Worlds Revisited?

I got an interesting notice from our town the other day.  Did you know November 9th is the first Nationwide National Emergency Test? "On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, FEMA, DHS and FCC will conduct the first national test of the Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. This nationwide test will kick off at 2:00 p.m. […]

Still Here

As was pointed out to me yesterday, it's been decades since I've posted anything here. Apologies to those of you that check in every once in a while to see if I've had anything interesting to report. As you may have surmised, things have been pretty quiet. I've been playing lots of golf. Blogging about […]

What’s With the Homework?

I was a teacher for over thirty years, about half those years as a 6th grade teacher, the other half as a high school math teacher. I know homework – it's function, it's usefulness, it's necessity and also it's over the top assigning in many situations. When it came to Christmas and Easter vacations, I […]


That's a number that will get just about anybody's attention.  It turns out it's not always what it seems. I'm not a big TV watcher. Ninety-percent of what I watch is sports and eighty-percent of that is Yankee baseball. For the past two years we've stayed at my daughter's house while in town for the […]

Sarah and Otavio’s Visit

Lots of pictures from Sarah and Otavio's visit.   Check out the seagull taking bread from Otavio's hand. Otavio took the picture, thus the slant from down nearer the ground.

Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

Yes, I'm channeling Jimmy Buffett again. For about three days now I've been checking the computer every few hours to see what Hurricane Irene is up to. For a day or two it looked like we were dead center to have the eye pass right over us. Fortunately for us, the latest track has it […]

My Exercise for the Day

Yesterday started out with a fairly brisk thirty-five mile bike ride. It was an out and back, with a bathroom/refueling break at the turn. I rode the first 17-miles with two pretty strong riders. When one of them was pulling at the front we clipped along at 23-25 mph. When I took my turns at […]