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Deja Vu and How Tough Are You?

One of the joys of high school coaching is instilling in your athletes the love of the sport of running. Watching them run years after they have graduated is pure pleasure. At today’s cross country race at Bowdoin Park I got to experience some of that pleasure as two former John Jay stars took first […]

Billy Goat Trail Run

I had a great time at the Billy Goat Trail Run. This was the first time I’ve run that race, although we use to use those trails a few times a week when I was on the Arlington X-Country Team. Good to see so many kids at the race including the kid who finished in […]

Plugged In

I know they are out there. I just didn’t realize how many of them there are. In looking through the 401 pictures that Bob Kopac took of the Dutchess County Classic, the number of runners wearing headsets is astounding. I’ve never worn a headset on a run other than on a treadmill. People who do […]

Livestrong Challenge Report

As a cancer survivor it was so inspiring to spend two days around people dedicated to fighting cancer and helping those who are living with the disease. I arrived at the Livestrong Village on the campus of Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA on Saturday and immediately found myself surrounded by people in […]

Catching Up

Only six days to go before the Livestrong Challenge. I’m pretty sure my legs are ready, not so sure how my butt is going to handle 100 miles in the saddle. My fundraising total is up to $3336.20. If you would like to donate you can go to I’m truly grateful that a total […]

Livestrong Challenge Update

My Livestrong Challenge century ride (100 miles) is three weeks from today. I’ve ramped up the biking mileage some to get the butt and legs in shape. This week had two rides in the 55-mile range. The plan is to do pretty much the same this coming week with one ride of at least 65 […]

The Grandpa Factor

It was the 4th and last race in the New Paltz Cross Country series. I had run well at the first three races and won the 60-69 age group in all three of them. Unfortunately, the last race wasn’t going as well. For whatever reason the zip just wasn’t in the legs. At a little […]

Random Encounters

When you put things out into cyberspace you’re never sure where they end up. Such is the case with this blog. I’m never really sure who, if anyone, really reads it. Then every once in awhile someone will drop a comment. Like yesterday – I’m standing near the starting line of the cross country race […]

Deja Vu all over again

There seems to be a pattern here. Strange things happen that don’t have a good impact on my running. I won’t go through the litany. The latest one is my third case of Lyme Disease. If it wasn’t for the rash, I would not have know I was infected. That’s the good news. The bad […]