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Team Loyalty and a Broken Heart

While cruising around the internet this morning I checked in on Pete Colaizzo's Marist Running blog. Pete is a die hard Yankee fan, with enough NY loyalty that when the Yankees aren't playing he roots for the Mets. He had a link to a NY TImes Op Ed column written by David Brooks, who I […]

Taciturn Fishermen

 Back in the day I used to fish a lot. Since moving to NC I have only fished with the grand kids in the local ponds where we caught some sunfish and small bass. Here it's mostly salt water fishing, either in the bays and backwaters or out in the ocean. I've never been salt […]

Time Flies

I got a comment from Kara Tucker-Forest on my "Recovering" post below. She and Jennifer Lawrence are running a 5K this weekend. Who are these two ladies? They are former John Jay High School athletes who ran for me over twenty years ago. Back then both of them were 400/800 meter runners. Jen was also […]

Walk on the Beach

What do you do when you can't cycle, run, swim, play golf, etc? Take a walk on the beach. Beautiful Carolina Blue skies, temps around 50-degrees and a little breeze. I took along the camera and took a few pictures. The walk was at the west end of Oak Island where the Lockwood Folly River […]


Quick update: surgery went very well. We left home at 11:45 for the hour drive to the surgery center, got home at 5:15. Pretty amazing. They used very light sedation so I woke right up and was on my way home less than an hour after they were done. Friends of ours brought over lasagna […]

The Flip Side

OK, the previous post was about the joys of retired life. As with most things, there is also a flip side. During the last year I was teaching, so many people told me how lucky I was to be retiring, that they were so jealous. My standard reply got to be, "So you want to […]

Ah, the retired life!

No alarm clock to get up to. Woke up about 8am. Leisurely couple of hours with some coffee, a light breakfast, check the computer for email and other info and wait for the temperature to go up a little. Around 10am head out for a nice easy five mile run. Back to the house to […]

Senior Moment, Oops – Senior Week

This little anecdote (is that redundant) revolves around me having hypertension. I've been on medication now for a few years and I've been very good at remembering to take it. About a week ago I added a new piece to my nightly regimen which was caused by holes in the sheets on my side of […]

There May Be Hope

I did something three days ago that I hadn't done since June 6. I put a running entry in my training log. It wasn't a long run – only 3.5 miles. That run was followed by a day off and then another run of 3.5 miles yesterday. If things work out, I'll try another run […]

Thomas D. Macrini Sports Hall of Fame

The Thomas D. Macrini Sports Hall of Fame is the Hall of Fame for the Wappingers Central School District. Athletes who are selected have to be out of school ten years before they can be nominated. Some athletes get in the first year they are eligible. Like  the hall of fame for pro sports, some […]