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Crazy Workout

One of the drawbacks of living where we are is the lack of "serious" runners, so when Kevin shows up from Long Island for one of his short stays at his second home, I try to get in at least one workout with him. The thing is, the workouts his coach gives him are a […]

The Year of 64

Back in December I got a new car. It's actually an updated model of the car I had for the previous six years. I guess it was kind of like finding a pair of running shoes you like and buying them again and again. Anyway, like all new models, this one has a few more […]

45,000 miles and counting

I became a road racer back in 1979. It really happened totally by accident. I had no idea there were any other races besides the Boston and NYC Marathons or that the first "running boom" was going on, but when a friend took me to the Diet Pepsi 10K in Newburgh I was hooked. One […]

The 5K That Wasn’t

OK, so it's 50-degrees, headed to 60 with a light mist falling. I drive 50 minutes to Wilmington to the soccer complex where the race is going to be held. The gate is locked and there's a young woman sitting in her car outside the gate. She asks me what I'm looking for. There could […]

Young Bobcats in the Backyard

I have a feeling this post is going to be one part story and one part rant. First the story. When I walked into the kitchen the other morning I caught movement in the backyard. It was too big to be a squirrel so I figured it was one of the gray foxes we see […]

Glory Days

Recently I spent a couple of days having a great email discussion/debate with a friend around the topic of my blog from a couple of months ago (The Times They Are a Changing) concerning the differences in the world of running now and at the height of the last running boom back in the 1980s. […]

Horizontal Leap

Sometime back in the distant past I was a long jumper. In those days it was actually called the broad jump. I'm not sure when or why the name change came about. Maybe someone decided the term broad jump was politically incorrect. One of the highlights of my high school track and field career was […]

Deja Vu

Sometimes it only takes a little comment to trigger a long train of thought that can easily take you back many years. Going through that thought process can, for good or bad, remind you of who you are, what kind of person you are and how much you've changed over all those years. I've never […]

Getting in Shape

For athletes, "getting in shape" is probably one of the most commonly used phrases. It encompasses I wide range of activities and intensities. If you are a distance runner it generally means some combination of building up your overall mileage, adding to the length of your long run and doing what are fondly referred to […]

Ice Golf

OK, I think I may be finally losing it. No, not my golf ball. I lose lots of them. This time it's my mind that may have ended up somewhere out of bounds. It continues to be way below average temperature here. Now the weather is starting to throw in some nasty precipitation. A little […]