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Fox Squirrels

The fox squirrels that visit the ground under our bird feeder are interesting. They are larger than grey squirrels and have beautiful tails. Their fur ranges from grey to black and they all have white noses, ears and paws.

Backyard Nature

Spotted this guy on the sidewalk yesterday when I was sitting on the porch reading. I think it’s a mole kingsnake, but I’m not positive. It was about 15″ long. It had just started swallowing the frog when I first saw it.  By the time I ran in the house and grabbed the camera only […]

Call the Sheriff

My running is coming along. I’ve run 7+ miles the last two times out. Even put some strides at the end to see if there is any leg turnover – there isn’t. Oh well. One of my friends said he saw me doing “wind sprints”. What I do these days certainly cannot be classified as […]

Once a Captain, Always a Captain

When thinking back through all the years of coaching there are a few athletes who always come to mind first. Early in my coaching career I was very fortunate to have co-captains who not only made my team better, but more importantly taught me  the importance of good team leadership. Both are married now, each […]

You Gotta Run the Waddle

It's the third year for the increasingly popular WaWa Wally Waddle 5K, 1-mile kids' race and 100-meter dash kids' race. It's run in the Vassar Farms section of the beautiful Vassar College Campus. No traffic, basically flat, smooth gravel road. Check out all the info here: http://wallywaddle.org/


The Miles of Hope 5k and 1 mile kids' race has become a staple on the MHRRC calendar. Lori Decker, who has a heart of gold so pure you can't even put a carat rating on it, is the director. With the help of her volunteers and support of the MHRRC this is always a […]

Beware the Shortcut

There is something about shortcuts that makes them hard to resist. It doesn't seem to matter what you're doing, it's just hard to resist looking for an easier/quicker/shorter way to do things. It even happens in golf. There is a Par 4 on one of our courses where, if you're playing from the senior tees, […]


The toughest year I ever ran Boston was 1982, the year that Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley ran "The Dual in the Sun". It was a totally cloudless day, with temps getting up to around 70-degrees. In those days the race started at noon, so we ran the bulk of the race in the heat […]

John Jay Updates

I got an email from Kara Tucker today. This former 400-meter runner ran her first 10K yesterday. She covered the distance in just over 54-minutes. Congrats!!! Here's a link to Kara's blog, with some kind words about the "old coach". http://oneredheadandlighthouses.blogspot.com/ This year's Wappinger's Sports Hall of Fame induction is now less than a month […]


This Coopers Hawk and its mate have discovered that my bird feeders are a nice feeding station for them. They recently built a nest in the woods right behind our house and are now using our bird feeders as their hunting grounds. You can see some of the feathers from the bird she is eating […]