Grey Fox

I caught this guy cutting through the yard today. He/she ended up catching some critter in the leaves and running off with it in his mouth. Left click on the picture to enlarge. Check out the amazing tail.

Tid Bits

Race Demographics: A couple of months ago I posted about a trail half marathon that I ran that had only two runners fifty or over. It was filled with young trail racers and triathletes looking for a challenge before the Read more ›

Dwarf Iris

No matter where you live you can probably find lots of houses where people have cultivated beautiful and often exotic gardens. Over the last week we've spent a number of days visiting a lot of such beautiful gardens as you Read more ›

Lots Going On

It was a busy week. My sister and brother-in-law came for a visit. They are real outdoor people so we spent many hours walking the community, cycling, hiking some trails, going to the beach and even getting to the pool Read more ›